The Mother of All Plants"
Ancient medicine … Modern science

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"The Mother of All Plants"

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Shegoi Products
The Native American Pima Tribe called it "Shegoi", meaning "Mother of all Plants" and it was revered as their most important plant medicine. The plant is Larrea tridentata and has been used for hundreds of years for its healing properties. It has been verified that Larrea is indeed among the oldest living plants in the world. Some currently living Larrea plants actually started growing more than 11,000 years ago. This plant calls Death Valley and other hot, dry deserts in the Southwest U.S. home. Larrea indeed knows something that we need to know about longevity and health.


Any plant that can live up to 11,000 years in a harsh environment and dominate its neighbors without being eaten and without being infected with some kind of fatal disease must be doing something extraordinary to defend itself. Since the Larrea plant cannot run and hide from its enemies; it instead builds a natural chemical arsenal to fend off otherwise lethal invasions. The wide array of chemicals in Larrea provides protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi, insects and other potentially destructive agents in the environment. It is no wonder that the diversity of chemicals that Larrea produces is the subject of much research in the scientific community. And now modern science has resulted in some unique new ways we can benefit from the Larrea plant. This is where Shegoi™ began.

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Modem science has confirmed the life enhancing properties of Larrea, which many Native Americans used as a daily tonic. The plant has a tremendous abundance of unsurpassed antioxidant nutrients which are lacking in modem diets. Antioxidants have been positively linked with increased life span as well as enhanced health. The unique combination of active ingredients in ShegoiTM products make it perfect for daily consumption. The plant derived antioxidants accentuate the body's natural defenses which help to build a healthy nervous system and assists in preserving optimal immune functions.


The Native Americans also knew the healing properties of Larrea could be applied to the skin for powerful, immediate protection and healing. For this purpose, Shegoi™ is available in two topical formulations: a rich lotion and a soothing spray. The new Shegoi lotion smells great, penetrates quickly with no greasy feel and contains natural clove oil. The clove oil works together with Shegoi™ to silence topical pain or itching fast. The new Shegoi™ soothing spray mists on quickly and cleanly to cover large areas of unbroken skin without you having to touch the target area. The Shegoi™ soothing spray contains natural rosemary oil, a herb used since the dawn of man to soothe both the body and spirit. The lotion and the topical spray contain our multi-patented, highly purified Larrea extract at a very safe yet extremely effective 1% concentration.


Shegoi™ is backed by 4 U.S. Patents, with more than a decade of research and six years of field testing. There are over 3,500 customers and product results in 34 countries.


Shegoi™ products are all-natural, produced in an environment- ally friendly manner which does not damage or deplete the natural plant resources. Select foliage is harvested by hand (wildcrafted) and dried in the Arizona sun. A resin is then extracted from the plant surface using the patented processing technology.


The highest quality substances are utilized, meeting or exceeding the quality standards of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. Additionally, the products have been proven safe and useful in both laboratory studies and real world applications. Shegoi™ offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a consumer is not completely happy with the products they will be cheerfully refunded their money within 30 days from purchase. For more information about Shegoi™ products... More
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